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Lazy Aftershow


Lazy Aftershow were formed in Thessaloniki, in the last days of April 2012. They are a trio of musicians experimenting with post punk and desert/psych sounds. They create almost exclusively instrumental music, which comes to them naturally when jamming in the studio. Their music consists of intense rhythms and psychedelic melodies, while improvisation and experimentation play a big part in the resulting songs. Sometimes though, the boys like to play simple “lazy” riffs. They ‘ve already released a 7” vinyl single (indie production) which is almost sold out, a full length 12” vinyl album (indie production) and a 20-minute-long cassette tape (Logarithm cassette label).


[2012] Quick Link/GP.A. 7″ [self-released]
[2013] Lazy Aftershow 12″ [self-released]
[2014] The Gutter Tapes cassette tape [Logarithm cassette label]
[2015] The Legacy of The Automobiles [self released]